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Plastering Machines BAPRO one 400V

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With this in mind created specifically for you highly efficient plastering unit BAPRO one. Now, you can comfortable perform your work at a prominent growth in labor productivity. Applied design solutions and the latest technology will affect the operating cycle and at the same time ensure a long trouble-free operation of your machine. Operation of the machine is very easy! Just purchase premixed material, then automatically followed the mixing material with water. Ready-mixed mortar is pumped by a high-performance screw pump (stator and rotor), by infeed hose to spray gun. Mortar is sprayed onto the substrate to yield a high rate of job growth while convenience. Construction of the machine allows it to move smoothly because of the 4 wheels rotated around its axis. Ease of transporting the stairs provide three parts of construction and strong transport handles. High quality and aesthetic of equipment will provide a easy handling the spraying operation. Do not delay in making a decision until tomorrow! Today, make sure that your company could grow quickly!

Plastering Machines BAPRO one STRONG MAX 400V

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Innovation! It's the first word that should come to associate brand BAPRO. As a leading Polish manufacturer of specialist construction machinery for finishing work, we take care of the highest level of equipment produced by us. A number of innovative design solutions applied on a global scale. Our products are characterized by high quality, solid execution, an interesting design in combination with attractive prices! We are a modern company with many years of experience. Over the years consistently build a solid brand from good quality Made In Poland! Well qualified staff provides the highest level of service. Our goal is to produce plaster machines for customers requiring and appreciating the quality and stability of employment. By constructing a machine we care about the highest level components to guarantee their reliability. Trust us and our customers motivate us to continue to work effectively. We are prepared for the needs of the market and the needs of our customers. The only BAPRO company that has a double variable operating system. FIRST (mixing the dry material with water and pumping) and SECOND (only pumping the finished wet

Plastering machine BAPRO one 230V

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Plastering machine type BAPRO one 230V is the best mixing pump and sprayer for dry premixed materials. The big advantage of our machine is universal power supply 230 Volts or 400 Volts. Our machine characterized by unique in design, high performance work, simple operation, easy to transportation, optimal dimensions outer. Such attributes are the unique characteristic of the BAPRO brand. High performance series BAPRO one plastering machines powered by AC 230 Volt. Constructing we made sure that this machine was working fluid as for the individual 380 volt. It is known that the plastering machines during their work resists the mixing process. Our plastering machines is more than a 230 volt power supply! Our technical solution in the form of inverter combined with a very strong gearmotors provides the advantages of smooth operation. BAPRO plastering machines are the highest quality parts and ease of use. With infinitely variable speed we have optimal working conditions and very low running costs. So …. Do not wait and plastering machines BAPRO one 230V order today! See for yourself how good it is!

Mixer-pump BAPRO one Injections

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Specialist mixer pump type BAPRO one injection, this is a high-performance machine for work in fulfillment of the space between the geothermal probe and the wall of the borehole, performed for the installation of heat pumps. The filling made with a machine with the appropriate material will provide high thermal conductivity, reducing the thermal resistance of the opening. The process involves placing an appropriate quantity of material in the sealed zone, where as a result of adsorption of water followed by swelling of the material, increasing the volume of bentonite to form a layer impermeable to water. Leaven by increasing its volume fills the annular space, even in the holes of an enlarged diameter which ensures 100% seal.