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Plastering Machines BAPRO one STRONG MAX 400V

21 890,00  brutto: 26 924,70 
Innovation! It's the first word that should come to associate brand BAPRO. As a leading Polish manufacturer of specialist construction machinery for finishing work, we take care of the highest level of equipment produced by us. A number of innovative design solutions applied on a global scale. Our products are characterized by high quality, solid execution, an interesting design in combination with attractive prices! We are a modern company with many years of experience. Over the years consistently build a solid brand from good quality Made In Poland! Well qualified staff provides the highest level of service. Our goal is to produce plaster machines for customers requiring and appreciating the quality and stability of employment. By constructing a machine we care about the highest level components to guarantee their reliability. Trust us and our customers motivate us to continue to work effectively. We are prepared for the needs of the market and the needs of our customers. The only BAPRO company that has a double variable operating system. FIRST (mixing the dry material with water and pumping) and SECOND (only pumping the finished wet