Agregaty tynkarskie BAPRO

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Plastering Machines

We are a leading manufacturer of plastering machines for pumping and spraying various mortars, spare parts and accessories. We are a Polish company with 20 years of experience. We provide complete warranty and post-warranty service for our products

Agregaty tynkarskie BAPRO

Plastering machines

In the wide range of BAPRO plastering machines, we pay special attention to the models of the BAPRO one STRONG MAX series. It is an innovative machine, which is the only one based on proprietary solution, consisting in a variable work system. Until now, a number of construction works have been performed manually or with the use of several machines.

The BAPRO one STRONG MAX machine was developed with a view to minimizing costs and increasing efficiency. It is safe to say that Bapro sets new standards for plastering machines.

Unlike typical plastering aggregates, BAPRO plastering aggregates allow you to extend the scope of services not focusing only on dry mixes such as gypsum or cement-lime plasters.

It can also serve liquid, ready-made mortars delivered in buckets (e.g. facade plasters, screeds, leveling compounds or adhesives). Additionally, it is possible to use the machine for traditional plastering with a cement-lime mortar mixed in a concrete mixer and then sprayed by an aggregate.

All plastering units are widely used, among others for gypsum and cement-lime plasters, own cement-lime mortars, liquid screeds, facade plasters, adhesive mortars and leveling coats. Bapro offers a wide range of professional devices, while ensuring constant access to spare parts, accessories and professional warranty and post-warranty service.


BAPRO plastering machines


  • gypsum plasters
  • gypsum lime
  • cement and lime
  • underlay (rendering)
  • light
  • special
  • modernization
  • structural (dry mineral)
  • structural (wet)
  • gypsum fillers and mineral coats
  • traditional cement and lime plasters from a concrete mixer
  • masonry mortars
  • adhesive mortars
  • anhydrous floor masses
  • self-leveling floor screeds
  • cement injection
  • refractory materials

Plastering trowels

Work efficiency is of great importance when performing finishing works. The previous manual work on plaster processing can now be replaced by using the high-performance electric float BAPRO EASY II.

This very easy-to-use device affects not only the smooth workflow, but also the visible final effect of floated plaster. The trowel consists of two components, i.e. housing and drive.


  • smooth regulation of mashing revolutions
  • easy operation and simple construction
  • high work efficiency
  • 2-year warranty
  • operational reliability
  • convenient to transport
  • high-quality components
  • powered by 230V

For each machine produced plastering we provide training, service and guarantees. When buying BAPRO machines, you do not have to worry about availability spare parts which you can order with delivery to the address indicated.

Zacieraczka do tynków - zacieraczki do tynków


Mortar feeder


Pneumatic mortar feeder typ BAPRO 140T to a highly efficient, automatic, portable pressing machine for dust-free feeding of ready mixes (mortars) to plastering units and other devices adapted to work with a dust cover.

In conjunction with the BAPRO series plastering machines, it provides fully automatic and dust-free work. Very quickly, the dry mortar is transferred directly to the plastering machine.

The device can be connected to any type of silo. The modern design of the compressor with increased pumping parameters and a maximum capacity of 150 m3 / h ensures efficient operation.

New, more convenient transport system: Compressor and conveyor receiver include transport handles and road wheels.


The casing of the screw pump (Stator, szneka) is reinforced. The coat in a maintenance-free steel housing includes a safety side fin. A new type of special rubber compound ext. the coat extends its life even more. Rotor (screw) full, coated with anti-abrasion agent. Our products are compatible with most of the plastering machines based on screw pumps.

Parts and accessories

Full catalog of parts and accessories for all BAPRO machines.

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